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Debt Recovery

Collecting cash is a priority of all businesses, especially when times are hard. We offer a debt recovery services that aims to collect your cash without costing you a fortune.

We aim to recover not just your debts but also legal costs and interest, so that it is your debtor rather than you who pays the costs of recovering your money. If the debt is not paid, we will obtain Judgment as quickly as possible and consider carefully with you the appropriate means of enforcement.

We use Late Payment legislation to maximise the monies recovered from your debtor, and also Statutory Demands, winding-up petitions and bankruptcy petitions. We select the best route for you to maximise the chances of recovering your money and getting you to the front of the queue when the debtor is deciding whom to pay.

We will keep you informed personally as to how your case is progressing at each stage and take appropriate instructions from you to suit each and every outstanding debt.

You can choose from one of the following methods to start recovering a debt:

  • Letters Before Action
  • Late Payment Demands
  • Statutory Demands

A Letter before Action usually achieves a swift payment from a debtor but, of course, results do depend upon other factors, such as the previous methods of collection you have employed, the credit standing of the company, how old the debt is, and the industry involved. We will take your instructions at each stage. If payment is not received start legal proceedings to recover your money if the debtor has not paid within 7 days. If the claim remains undisputed, obtain Judgment and take all necessary steps to enforce it.

Areas of Practice

We use Late Payment legislation to maximise the monies recovered from your debtor.
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