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Criminal Defence

From the very beginning by representation at a police station to presenting a case to the Court of Appeal we are motivated by the same goal, to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

If you or a loved one are charged or arrested with a criminal offence it is best to consult with a qualified solicitor to assist you in your situation. SKR Legal Solicitors undertake work in police stations and courts throughout England and Wales, representing clients facing all types of Criminal allegations.

Our dedicated solicitors and case workers support and represent you at every stage of your case, regardless of how large or small it may be. We approach all our clients with sympathy and with the utmost discretion when dealing with their cases.

Often our clients will find themselves being investigated by the police with significant state resources supporting any prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service, its times like this when you need a firm that has the right experience and a fearless attitude to fight for your case.

We operate a 24-hour service, 365 days a year without exception. If you find yourself being questioned by the police at the police station we can get a solicitor to you very quickly. Our client’s rights are important to us and we make sure they are fearlessly protected regardless of the circumstances.

Offences that we regularly deal with include:

  • Assault offences such as common assault, ABH and GBH
  • Criminal damage offences
  • Theft Act offences including theft, burglary and robbery etc
  • Public Order Act offences such as threatening behaviour etc
  • Drug-related offences such as possession, intent to supply etc
  • Possession of offensive weapons and knife-related offences
  • Sexual offences such as indecent exposure and sexual assault etc
  • Money laundering offences such as possession of criminal property
  • Racially aggravated offences
  • Harassment offences
  • Counterfeiting and forgery-related offences
  • Breach of court orders such as non-molestation or restraining orders etc

If you find yourself in need of a solicitor act now, don’t wait until your being interviewed by the police, as what you say and agree to, in a police station, will dictate what will happen to you and can affect whether or not a prosecution is brought.

Cases of Note

R v Aleksandrovs & Others (2018)
Crown Court
Represented two defendants in a large scale, complicated modern day slavery and people trafficking case where victims were being recruited and brought from Latvia to the UK. 13 people in total were arrested under Operation Doubrava. The case is currently still ongoing
R v Mujanovic (2017)
Crown Court
Represented the defendant who was charged with s.20 GBH following a mass football brawl. The client acted in self defence after being racially abused throughout the football match and was found not guilty.
R v Singh (2016)
Birmingham Crown Court
55 protesters were detained after armed police were deployed into a Gurdwara in Lemington Spa. Represented Mr Singh who was cleared of causing damage to laminated signs and religiously aggravated criminal damage.
R v Singh (2015)
Manchester Crown Court
Represented father and son in a two week trial at Manchester Crown Square. Mr Singh was accused of stabbing a man (Kirpan a Sikh ceremonial sword). twice causing GBH with intent over a business debt. Both clients were acquitted.
R v Abdulla (2003)
Nottingham Crown Court
Represented Mr Abdulla who was accused of historic rape. The woman who claimed she was raped was found to be lying to cover up cheating on her husband and the client was acquitted.
R v Hafeez (2014)
Crown Court
Represented one defendant and secured the only acquittal in a 6-handed, 12-count case of child grooming and sexual activity with a child under the age of 16.
R v Hoque (2017)
Crown Court
Represented defendant who allegedly, along with others, supplied over 100 tonnes of turkey mince claiming it was halal lamb. The defendant was acquitted of conspiracy to commit fraud.
R v Zaffar Mir (2012)
Liverpool Crown Court
Operation Erasure: Representing one of 12 defendants in £120million MTIC fraud (carousel fraud) at Liverpool Crown Court. The fraud was the largest of its kind to be brought before the Courts.
R v Hitendra Patel & Others (2007)
Leicester Crown Court
Representing one of 23 defendants case involving conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into the European Union and United States of America and money laundering.
R v Amratlal Bava & Others (2007)
Leicester Crown Court
Representing one of the main defendants in 30-defendant case involving allegations of conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into the European Union and United States of America and money laundering.
R v Shaheen Akhtar (2012)
Leicester Crown Court
Successfully defended client whom was accused of a brutal marital rape. The Court heard of prolonged violence at the hands of her husband and his family since her arrival to the UK from Pakistan on a marriage visa. We successfully argued that there were strong motives behind the allegations.
R v Amir Khan (2012)
Derby Crown Court
Operation Keats: The case concerned over 200 stolen cars which were cut down into individual parts and taken out of the UK to countries like Jordan and Afghanistan. Although the client’s fingerprints and DNA was discovered on many of the parts seized We successfully persuaded the crown to accept a single count (securing maximum credit) of which there were several.
R v Jeelani & Others (2012)
Nottingham Crown Court
Client was accused of murder and conspiracy to cause GBH with Intent at Derby. The Crown Prosecution Service alleged that this was a meticulously well planned and pre-meditated execution.

Areas of Practice

Our clients rights are important to us and we make sure they are fearlessly protected regardless of the circumstances.
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