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Police Station Representation

What is really happening at the Police Station?

The whole process of having the police knock on your door, or even worse you getting arrested and being interrogated can be very stressful. What takes place within the Police Station can be extremely crucial in determining ones case, in such circumstances we know from experience how crucial it is to have a good solicitor sitting bedsides you during a Police Station Interview.

An investigation into an accusation will most likely result in the police contacting a respondent on the telephone; this is if they haven’t already arrested them. They usually invite them to the Station for ‘a discussion’, often mentioning ‘we need to hear your version of events’ or I’m just trying to comprehend what took place’. Investigating police officers are generally taught to use techniques such as this to catch one off guard. This then allows one to feel comfortable and allowing them to assists the police in full on their terms, frequently incriminating themselves in the process.

It is absolutely vital that any discussion with an investigating Police Officer takes place in the presence of a lawyer. Things said on the phone to the police can also be used as evidence in court so you can understand the importance of having a solicitor present. It is known that police officers often do not fully explain that, coming into the police station for a discussion can often transpire to be an interview under caution. On some occasions one can come to the police station for this reason, without having made arrangements to have a solicitor present, and ultimately find themselves in complex situations whereby they are held in custody to be taken to court the following morning. It is important that you do not say anything to the police unless you have already sought our assistance.

Our team of solicitors and police station representatives are always available 24/7 to ensure that your rights and entitlements at the police station are strictly protected.

At SKR Legal Solicitors we value our clients, we give them the best service they deserve even if they are already in the custody of the police. If you have been contacted by the police or believe that they want to speak with you call us now so that we can vigorously defend your rights.

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What takes place within the Police Station can be extremely crucial in determining ones case.
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