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Family Law (Main)

The family is said to be the basic unit of society. Family life and the relationship between people is one of the defining points of humanity. An individual is shaped and moulded by the experiences they have as part of a family. This is why it is all the more tragic when families separate through bitterness or abusive treatment, and why it is all the more important to have laws in place to protect the people who need it most.

If you or a loved one are charged or arrested with a criminal offence it is best to consult with a qualified solicitor to assist you in your situation. SKR Legal Solicitors undertake work in police stations and courts throughout England and Wales, representing clients facing all types of Criminal allegations.

Our dedicated solicitors and case workers support and represent you at every stage of your case, regardless of how large or small it may be. We approach all our clients with sympathy and with the utmost discretion when dealing with their cases.

Often our clients will find themselves being investigated by the police with significant state resources supporting any prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service, its times like this when you need a firm that has the right experience and a fearless attitude to fight for your case.

We operate a 24-hour service, 365 days a year without exception. If you find yourself being questioned by the police at the police station we can get a solicitor to you very quickly. Our client’s rights are important to us and we make sure they are fearlessly protected regardless of the circumstances.

The main areas of family life that UK family law covers are:

  • The nature of the relationship between a couple, whether they are married, joined in a civil union or a domestic partnership.
  • The issues that can arise throughout the period of the relationship such as adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, spousal abuse or legitimacy.
  • Issues arising out of the termination of the relationship such as annulment, property settlements, divorce and the further issues of parental responsibility that can follow.
  • Issues regarding children such as child maintenence or schooling arrangements; The introduction of the new family collaborative law that has been used in America for a number of years.

Our family law Solicitors have specialist knowledge in the treatment of businesses, companies, family trusts, inherited assets and pension sharing orders which can form part of the assets for division following divorce, and all other property issues, which can form part of the assets for division following divorce.

Additionally, our family law solicitors provides a comprehensive range of services, at SKR Legal Solicitors, we enjoy an outstanding reputation among our peers and clients.

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