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Civil Partnership Dissolution

Our family lawyers are experts in every aspect of dissolution of civil partnership. We can provide straightforward, cost-effective advice to ensure that your dissolution proceedings are dealt with as quickly and amicably as possible, including:

  • The dissolution itself – our specialist shall discuss with you the process and grounds of dissolution.
  • Financial issues – this issue will answer the question where the parties will stay after the dissolution and most especially how the property, business, family trust, inherited assets or pensions should be dealt with?
  • The children – this is the most important issue to be settled. Where should the children, if any, stay after the dissolution?
  • Either of the party can start the dissolution. The only ground for dissolution is that the civil partnership has broken down irretrievably. If you start the dissolution yourself, the only way to show that the civil partnership has irretrievably broken down is to prove one of four facts;

    1. That your civil partner has behaved in such a way that you cannot reasonably be expected to live with them.
    2. That your civil partner has deserted you for two years or more.
    3. That you have been separated for two years and you both agree to the dissolution.
    4. That you have been separated for five years.

Our solicitors understand all about Civil Partnership Divorce and can help you with the dissolution of your partnership by providing the right legal advice. We offer a FREE initial consultation about the legal implications of your relationship breakdown. Should you choose us, we will guide you at every step of the entire process.

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