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Finance Claims For Children

If you are a parent, guardian, special guardian of a child, or you have a residence order in respect of a child, you may be able to claim as a parent to meet various financial requirements and needs of the child living with you. This claim is made on behalf of the child, and is separate from the claims between separating couples.

Where all the children and both parents are UK residents and the children are still at secondary school, child maintenance is handled through what used to be called the CSA and is now called the Child Maintenance Service. Unmarried parents don’t have claims to share the other parent’s property, like their married counterparts do. However, unmarried parents can apply to Court for certain financial provisions for their children. We can help you try and negotiate a settlement.

SKR Legal Solicitors have a specialist team of Financial Claims solicitors. Regardless of whether it is personal or business finance related claims, you can rest assured that we will assist you with the utmost professionalism and care.

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