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Finances On Dissolution

Our family lawyers understand the complexities of financial issues surrounding dissolution. We will ensure you achieve a positive solution with straightforward advice on issues including:

  • How a settlement can best be achieved.
  • The options available to help you reach a settlement, e.g. Mediation, negotiation and Court.
  • The treatment that a Court will give where there are complex assets, such as a farm, a business, family trust, inherited wealth and pensions.
  • We represent clients throughout England, and those who live abroad, and have an unmatched reputation for sound practical advice which is easily understood – we have a sympathetic and confident approach to your specific problems.

In the settlement of the parties’ financial assets there are things that needs to be considered. Here are some of the factors that affect financial dissolution:

  • The welfare while a minor of any child of the family who has not attained the age of 18
  • Income
  • Earning capacity
  • Property
  • Other financial resources
  • Financial needs, obligations and responsibilities
  • Standard of living
  • The parties ages and the length of the marriage
  • Any disability suffered
  • Contributions
  • The education any child was receiving
  • Conduct which it would be inequitable to disregard
  • Any financial benefit from the marriage/partnership which has been lost

This may seem complicated, but our solicitors can steer you through even the most daunting of cases. We help the client to design their preferred agreement to accommodate their new lifestyle after their divorce. Wherever possible this is achieved by negotiated settlement, which gives far greater flexibility and control than a court order made by a judge. We are careful to assess any long term health or other dependency issues which must be taken into account with medical opinions where necessary.

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