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Residence and Contact

Residence and Contact used to be known as Custody and Access and are two of the main legal issues that arise in relation to children when couples separate. The welfare of children on separation is of paramount concern to everyone involved, especially the courts.

You may need our expert advice on Parental Responsibility or specific children related issues, such as changing a child’s name. We work with clients to find solutions to court proceedings and to minimise the impact of their parents’ separation upon the child/children. We are committed to achieving amicable solutions that are of benefit to the adults but above all the children. In addition to Residence and Contact matters, we are also able to deal with Specific Issue and Prohibited Steps Orders.

At SKR-Legal Solicitors we make sure that both parties should agree the arrangements between them for the sake of their children, both in term time and school holidays, or weather they are of pre -school age.

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