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Separation Agreements

The purpose of a separation agreement is to clarify the financial and family arrangements and responsibilities, thus avoiding the need for court involvement in the future and speeding up the divorce process, if the couple decides to proceed.

If on the breakdown of your marriage you are either unwilling or unable to obtain a divorce immediately or at all it may be appropriate to prepare a Separation Agreement. This could be for religious reasons or because you do not have the ground for divorce at separation and need to wait for the required period of two or five years. You may wish to have time apart from your spouse without taking matters as far as divorce proceedings.

Our Family Lawyers can ensure that you achieve a positive solution dealing with the many aspects that can be included within a Separation Agreement:

  • Division of property
  • FInterim arrangements for who will live in the property and how you will meet bills or share bills
  • Division of investment products and savings
  • Dealing with payment of maintenance to either of you or the children
  • A framework for the arrangements for the children during school term time and school holidays
  • Other provision for the children including payment of school or university fees
  • Decisions about family businesses or partnership , and transfer of shareholdings

Our solicitors provide expert advice delivered with a high quality, sympathetic service that will protect your interests in a separation agreement.

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