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In the U.K. there are different immigration rules for students, spouses of Foreign Office workers and au pairs. The rules also vary depending on whether the individual wants to live in the U.K. on a temporary or permanent basis.

For all categories, individuals need to prove they can financially support themselves in order to be considered for entry. Applying to settle in the UK permanently will involve securing indefinite leave to remain, and the criteria for this are stricter than those for people simply planning to visit temporarily.

The entitlement to apply for settlement will depend upon the applicant’s current immigration category. It is advised that applicants thoroughly read the section pertaining to their category for advice relevant to them.

Ordinarily applicants will require a good knowledge of language and life within the UK to qualify for residence. The only migrants who are eligible for application for settled status from outside of the UK are a select number of partners and family members of British citizens and already settled persons. Applications more than 28 days prior to eligibility may not be accepted, with no refund of application fee. However, the application must be made prior to expiry. Those already within the UK that have not been resident for a long enough period for a settlement application may be eligible to apply for limited leave to remain.

If you are a national of one of the European member states, and you wish to come to the UK as a student, for work purposes, or can show self sufficiency you may need legal advice as to the documentation you can apply for to confirm you are exercising treaty rights. Bulgarian and Romanian nationals may also require specialised advice as to their circumstances.

On the other hand, if you are a non EU national you will need to meet the requirements of the Points Based System. The PBS is broken down in various categories from Tiers 1-5 depending on highly skilled work, skilled work with a job offer, students and temporary workers.

Our immigration lawyers and solicitors are experienced Immigration representatives with over 20 years of combined knowledge and experience of all Immigration and Asylum matters. We provide our clients and migrants with a comprehensive service second to none that includes representation in the High Court and advocacy before Immigration Tribunals.

We encourage you to contact us with you situation, as not all immigration cases are the same we provide our clients with a tailored service guiding and advising them on the decisions they need to make during the process.

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We provide our clients with a comprehensive service second to none that includes representation in the High Court and advocacy before Immigration Tribunals.
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