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If you are a non-EU National and wishing to reside, and obtain permanent residence, in the UK you may do so where you have at least £1 million available and intend to invest at least £750,000 into specified investments, such as government bonds or shares in UK listed companies.

The funds can be either your own or loaned from a UK regulated bank where you have net assets in excess of £2 million. You will need to apply for visas in your country of residence. The application is considered under Tier 1 of the UK’s Points Based System and requires the applicant to score sufficient points based on their investment funds.

You may qualify for accelerated permanent residence if you maintain an investment of £10 million over two years in the UK or £5 million over three years. For investments of £1 million, the requirement that you remain in the UK for five years before qualifying for permanent residence remains. Recent changes also mean that you can spend up to 180 days (six months) a year outside the UK and still qualify for permanent residence.

We offer a specialist custom service and tailored legal advice on investing in the UK for those individuals who wish to invest £1 million or more. Our package includes initial advice, preparing your application, collating documents and assessing the merits of your case.

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