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PBS Dependants

PBS stands for Points-Based System. This system consists of Tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5. The PBS Dependant Visa is designed to allow dependants, who are usually family, to stay in the UK with the main PBS Migrant. This PBS Migrant must be residing in the UK for the PBS Dependant Visa to be valid. The PBS Migrant is also known as the ‘main applicant’ and their details are also requested during the visa application process.

The main PBS Migrant must have a Tier 1, ‘HSMP’, Tier 2, Tier 4 (General) or a Tier 5 visa for the UK. Visitor Visas are not a part of the Points-Based System, so it is not possible to get a PBS Dependant Visa if the migrant you are dependent on has a Visitor Visa.

Here are the general requirements one must comply in order to apply for PBS dependants:

  • One carefully checked and fully completed application form
  • Payment for the application
  • Documentation and evidence, as follows:
    1. Two identical and recent passport photographs which conform to UKBA criteria.
    2. Passport(s) or travel documents, plus a Biometric Residence Permit if the applicant has one. The Home Office must always see the current passport and current visa, even if they are separate. If these are lost, stolen, expired or elsewhere, you will be asked about this.
    3. Proof of available maintenance funds is mandatory. This is unless the applicant is a ‘Low Risk’ national. You first need to determine whether the main PBS applicant has an ‘established presence’ in the UK. Read the PBS Policy Guidance.
    4. Police Registration Certificate. This is only if a request to register with the police is stamped on the applicant’s passport.
    5. If relevant, proof of criminal convictions or civil judgements.
    6. If relevant, proof of other official names the applicant has been known by.
    7. If relevant, proof of care arrangements for children at a ‘boarding school’, ‘further education (FE) college’ or a ‘residential special school’. This helps to prove that a child who lives away from the family home is still ‘dependant’.
    8. Provide a birth certificate if the applicant was born in the UK but has never before held a UK visa or a grant of ‘leave to remain’ in the UK.
  • Anything else you are asked for by the Home Office/UKBA

If you have any questions please call us to arrange an interview so we can further assist you with your concerns. Our Immigration team provides legal advice and representation in relation to entry clearance applications, leave to remain applications and refusal appeals of Point Based System Dependent migrant category. We also provide representation in the UKBA same day service for leave to remain applications in this category.

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