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Spouse Visa

You can apply for a spouse visa on the basis of your marriage with a person present and settled in the UK. The application will be considered in accordance with requirements of the Immigration. Rules as set out in Appendix FM of the Immigration rules.

For a spouse visa application to succeed, there are 4 main requirements:

  1. Evidence of relationship between the Sponsor and the Applicant;
  2. The documentary evidence to comply with the financial requirement as set out in Appendix FM;
  3. The adequate accommodation; and
  4. English language requirement.

Additionally, the Applicant should also meet the suitability and eligibility criteria as set out in the Immigration Rules.

Renewal/Extension Of Spouse Visa

If you are in the UK with a spouse visa as a spouse of a person present and settled in the UK, you can apply for an extension/renewal of your spouse visa by submitting FLR (M) application to the Home Office.

Our immigration solicitors will advise you about the implications of the Home Office decision on your spouse visa application. We will provide you everything you need to know throughout every step of the process.

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