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Visit Visas

Generally visitors can come to the UK for up to six months (in any 12 month period), so this type of visa would be suitable for anyone coming to the UK to visit you for a holiday, to attend your graduation or to stay with you for a short period of time.

General Visitor visas cannot be extended and General Visitors are not entitled to work or study during their stay. General Visitors must be able to show that they will return home by the end of the six-month period.

All cases will be required to meet general visitor’s requirements relating to; independent support, intention to return and financial stability regarding a return. Additionally, each group included under the special visitor route is defined within the below criteria:

  • Child visitor
  • Private medical treatment
  • Marriage
  • Parent of a child at school
  • Student visitor
  • Prospective student
  • Visitor in transit

Any visitors for purposes of marriage or future studentship require permission to enter into the UK, whilst parents of children within compulsory education also require permission to enter if visiting for an excess of six months. Official authority will also be required for a child visitor, or those seeking private medical treatment, any student visitors or visitors in transit if a visa national.

If a non-visa national, seeks permission to enter as a special visitor, permission is only required for anything over six months unless entering for marriage or as a prospective student.

Multiple entry visas are also available for special visitors, in the form of six months, one month, two months, five months and 10 years.

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