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Clinical Injuries Claims

Any person who undergoes medical treatment may be at risk of an injury due to negligence from his or her medical team. Significant injuries can raise several complications from both the legal and the medical standpoints. Our clinical negligence solicitors understand your needs are unique, and will advocate for your best interests.

Clinical Negligence cases can often be settled by negotiation without the need to proceed to a full trial. If it is not possible to settle the claim through negotiations then Court proceedings will be necessary. Clinical Negligence cases can be very expensive, because of the number of specialists and the detailed work required. Contact us to discuss how medical negligence claims are paid for.

We understand that choosing to start a clinical negligence claim is not easy. Be assured that SKR Legal Solicitors know the law and the process inside out but we are also acutely aware of the emotional burden on you and the support you need from us.

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