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Road Traffic Accidents

With the amount of traffic on Britain’s roads, one of the inevitable byproducts is a rise in car accidents and injuries to pedestrians. We’re all at the mercy of some bad decision making or carelessness on the part of a driver that could change our lives forever.

WAs far back as 1832 the courts recognised that pedestrians and vehicle drivers owed each other a duty to exercise due care and attention:

” All persons, paralytic as well as others, have a right to walk on the road and are entitled to the exercise of reasonable care on the part of persons driving carriages upon it. ” Boss v Litton (1832) 5 C & P 407

At SKR Legal Solicitors we understand that making a claim can be daunting but be assured we can assist you if you have been involved in an Accident as a driver, motorcyclist, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist.

Even if you have sustained an injury in an Accident and the driver of the other vehicle is not insured or you have been injured as a result of a “hit and run” incident, you may still be able to claim compensation.

We have specialist solicitors with vast amount of experience that handle claims that involve injuries from whiplash to broken bones and permanent injuries sustained in car accidents which means we have a very high success rate with claims of this nature.

Whiplash injuries, loss of earnings whilst recovering from your injuries, medical costs and other special damages can all be included in your compensation claim.


Whether you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcyclist or pedal cyclist we must first of course be able to prove that the road traffic accident was someone else’s fault.

It is important therefore that if you are involved in a road traffic accident you gather as much evidence as possible for instance details of the Parties involved, witness names and addresses, vehicle registration numbers and photos of any vehicle damage etc…

Even if the other driver was uninsured or remains untraced following the road traffic accident don’t worry you may be able to still claim compensation and SKR Legal Solicitors can advise you on what to do next.

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if you have sustained an injury in a Traffic Accident and the other driver is not insured you may still be able to claim compensation.
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