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Raheela Zaheer

Raheela worked as an interpreter, mediator, and case worker in the largest immigration centre of Rome and regularly attended the Court of Appeal to assist advocates in complex cases of asylum seekers and refugees.

She completed her MSc in Botany from Peshawar University and MEd from AJK. She passed her Public Service Commission exam and worked on a gazetted post, after which she moved to Italy and worked as an interpreter, mediator, and caseworker.

Raheela moved to England in 2015 and started working in a community centre where she built strong ties in the community.

She can speak fluent Urdu, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi, and English, which enable her to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, despite their language barrier.

Raheela is an excellent listener, allowing her to analyse the issue in hand and find the best suitable solution for her clients.