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Criminal Defence R V Hoque (2017)
Crown Court
We represented defendant who allegedly, along with others, supplied over 100 tonnes of turkey mince claiming it was halal lamb. The defendant was acquitted of conspiracy to commit fraud.

R v Zaffar Mir (2012)
Liverpool Crown Court
Operation Erasure:
We represented one of 12 defendants in £120million MTIC fraud (Carousal fraud) at Liverpool Crown Court. The fraud was the largest of its kind to be brought before the Courts.

R v Hitendra Patel & Others (2007)
Leicester Crown Court
We represented one of 23 defendants case involving conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into the European Union and United States of America and money laundering.

R v Amratlal Bava &Others (2007)
Leicester Crown Court
Representing one of the main defendants in 30-defendant case involving allegations of conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into the European Union and United States of America and money laundering.

R v Shaheen Akhtar (2012)
Leicester Crown Court
We successfully defended client who was accused of a brutal marital rape. The Court heard of prolonged violence at the hands of the husband and his family since her arrival to the UK from Pakistan on a marriage visa. We successfully argued that there were strong motives behind the allegations.

R v Amir Khan (2012)
Derby Crown Court
Operation Keats: the case concerned over 200 stolen cars which were cut down into individual parts and taken out of the UK to countries the Jordan and Afghanistan. Although the client’s fingertips and DNA was discovered on many of the parts seized we successfully persuaded the crown to accept a single count (securing maximum credit) of which there were several.

R v Jeelani & Others (2012)
Nottingham Crown Court
Client was accused of murder and conspiracy to cause GBH with intent at Derby. The Crown Prosecution Service alleged that this was a meticulously well planned and pre-meditated execution.

R v Umber Farrouq & Others 2014
Our Client was accused of three separate charges of engaging sexual activity with a minor. Following a two-week trial at Stafford Crown Court out client was the only defendant out of six to be completely acquitted.

R v Q
Old Bailey
£5 million counterfeit Microsoft DVDS

R v Amratlal Bava & Others (2007)
Leicester Crown Court
Representing one of the main defendant’s case involving allegations of conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into the European Union and United States of America and money laundering.

R v Naqib Mohammed 2014
We successfully defended our client who was charged for Robbery for over £5000 at the William Hill Bookies. He was acquitted on the first day of the trial due to discrepancies of his identification and the prosecution offered no further evidence.

R v Harriman & Others 2010
This case involved stealing more than 27 tonnes of rail cable all over the country costing the tax payer 1 million pounds and causing more than 300 hours of train delay. Our client was the only one not to face prison and received a suspended sentence for two years.

R v Shah & Others
Operation Keats (2013)
Police investigating into handling stolen goods in shops within Normanton. Derby area where it had been alleged that he accused had been selling stolen mobile phones and laptops within their shops. After an abuse of process argument all charges had been dropped our client.

R v M
Leicester Crown Court
Conspiracy to facilitate sham marriages.

R v Abdalla
Our client was charged in 2011 for an allegation of historical rape dated back in 2003. In defending our client, we uncovered failures in the police investigation and failure to follow up leads. In lead up to the trail, the Prosecution in response to our concerns spoke to the complainant who admitted she lied.

R v Mujanovic (2017)
In this case we presented the defendant who was charged with S.20 GHB following a mass football brawl. The client acted in self-defence after being racially abused throughout the football match and was found not guilty.

R v Aleksandrovs and others (2018)
We represented two defendants in large scale, complicated modern day slavery and people trafficking case where victims were being recruited and brought from Latvia to the UK. 13 people in total were arrested under Operation Doubrava. The case is currently still ongoing, to read more, follow the link: http://www.bbs.co.uk/news/uk-englnd-derbyshire-43139295

R v Mehmood (2018)
Mr Mehmood was charged with sexual assault, following the trail he was found not guilty.

R v brown (2018)
This was a 6 handed trail where Ms Brown was charged with Assisting and Offender. Following the trial, Ms Brown was found not guilty.

R v McKeown (2018)
Mr McKeown was charged with s.18 GBH, following the trail he was found not guilty.

R v McDonald (2018)
Mr Javal was charged with possession of a firearm and following a report prepared by an expert on the transferability of DNA, the CPS decided to offer no evidence against him.

R v Miri (2018)
The client was charged with Attempted Murder. Part way throughout the trail the prosecution dropped the charges to one of the s.20 GBH to which the client pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months.

R v Roberts (2018)
Mr Roberts had an eight- day trial, the client and co-defendant had allegedly planed o trap the vulnerable complainant, kidnap him and then blackmail him. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury acquitted the defendant of kidnap and blackmail.